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Elena: Fitness professional showcasing her physique against a concrete backdrop, highlighting advanced bodybuilding and personal training expertise.


Personalized Training in Dubai & Online Fitness Coaching

Lazar Male Certified EMS and Gym Personal Trainer, posing for personal training photo shoot


Dubai-based fitness coach specializing in EMS personal training

Marinela Accredited Fitness Coach Standing in the gym, in fitness pose.


fitness competitor & certified personal trainer in Dubai

Female Personal Trainer Suzana Train With Us


Expert in flexibility, muscle toning, and sculpting, tailored to women’s fitness goals.

Mena Personal Trainer in Dubai, Train With Us Profile Photo


Fitness transformation expert & certified boxing & kickboxing trainer

Female Personal Trainer Dina Train With Us


Expert in body toning, fat loss, and sculpting lean physiques

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Boosted productivity

Optimal health

Enhanced Strength

Elevated Confidence

Improved Flexibility

Mental clarity

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A Fitness Success Saga: Marko’s Two Years of Dedicated Gym Training

Marko’s transformation is one for the records – two solid years of methodical training with his personal trainer. His is a tale of unwavering focus and discipline that’s sculpted a new persona, both physically and mentally. Through personalized workouts and strategic planning, he’s redefined what it means to be committed to fitness. Marko’s results are visible proof of what can happen when you stick to the plan and push through every hurdle.

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Siyamak’s Story: From Uncertainty to Fitness Dedication

“In just three months of training with Lazar, the transformation in my physique and confidence has been remarkable. Before starting this journey, I was riddled with insecurities about my body. Now, every session feels like an investment in myself, and I can’t imagine a life without regular workouts. Our next set of fitness goals is already in sight, and with consistent effort, I’m confident in achieving them.”

Fitness & Nutrition: Customized for You

Your wellness journey is just a tap away. Check out how we personalize your training & meal plans.

Ditch the guesswork.

Ditch the guesswork.

Imagine a workout,
perfectly tailored to you.

Whether at the gym or home, let our top personal trainers guide you.

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What makes Train With Us different

Other fitness trainers
Train With Us
Free Nutrition & Detox Plan Extra payment required for nutrition plans. Straight after the call, no strings attached.
Pause Your Membership Fixed expiry dates. No pausing allowed. Going on a trip, feeling unwell, or facing an emergency? Put your membership on hold.
Online Training Anywhere No online training, or you pay extra. Even if you're away from Dubai, access our guided workout videos.
IFBB & REP's Level 3 Certified Don’t have or unknown certifications. Our trainers have top-tier IFBB & REP’s certifications. You're in expert hands.
Track Your Progress Set plans with minimal flexibility. We monitor your journey and make adjustments to ensure continuous improvement.
Competitive Pricing Prices commence at 300+AED with standard offerings. Our sessions begin at 230 AED. Ensuring each dirham spent is an investment in your progress.

A Tailored Approach to Wellness for Every Lifestyle

At Train With Us, we pride ourselves on providing a holistic and bespoke wellness experience. Discover how we guide you to achieve your health goals.

Customized workout plans tailor exercise regimens to individual goals, fitness levels, and lifestyles, ensuring a personal approach to fitness. These bespoke plans can accelerate progress by focusing on targeted exercises that yield the most impactful results for each unique individual.

We understand that food is a significant part of the journey. Every member receives a meticulously curated nutrition plan, complete with recipes and a shopping list, ensuring you’re well-prepared to eat right.

TrainWithUs champions adaptable membership, providing the flexibility to modify your training plan to suit shifting life scenarios, guaranteeing your fitness journey remains consistent and tailored to your unique needs. With our program, you can seamlessly pause and resume your fitness regimen, acknowledging and adapting to life’s unpredicted twists and turns.

TrainWithUs stands out for its roster of certified trainers who bring years of extensive experience to the table. Each trainer’s credentials assure you of the highest standards in fitness training, reflecting a commitment to excellence and a history of successful client transformations.

At TrainWithUs, Certified Expertise isn’t just a phrase—it’s our promise to you. Our trainers hold esteemed certifications from recognized bodies like IFBB & REPs, guaranteeing that your fitness journey is guided by knowledgeable professionals dedicated to your health and performance.

Our trainers will accommodate your ever-changing schedule with customizable training sessions. Our goal is to integrate seamlessly into your life in Dubai, ensuring your fitness routine enhances, not hinders, your daily living.

Answers to Common Fitness Questions

Navigate our FAQs for swift answers to commonly raised questions, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready to embark on your fitness journey.

Need more informations?

Our trainers offer a multitude of services including individualized workout plans, personalized nutrition plans, and constant support to help you meet your fitness goals, specializing in Indoor & Outdoor Personal Training, 20 Min EMS Personal Training, Boxing, MMA, and Group Classes.

We have trainers with diplomas in Physiotherapy “REP’s Level 3” and “IFBB Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Specialist” and . They have extensive experience in crafting workout plans that are tailored to individual needs and goals. Meet our expert trainers here.

We provide fully personalized nutrition plans which include a shopping list and recipes, calculated macros, and kcal intake to ensure that you are adequately fueled for your fitness journey.

Yes! We believe in the chemistry between the trainer and the trainee, thus, we allow our clients to choose a trainer whose approach aligns with their fitness goals and preferences.

We offer a variety of packages to suit individual needs, including 12, 24 or 48 personal training sessions package.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of flexibility, and we allow our clients to pause their membership if they are traveling, ensuring they don’t lose out on their investment.

Certainly! We understand the varying schedules of our clients, and we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your lifestyle and commitments.

Making Fitness Fit Your Dubai Busy Schedule