Combining EMS with Traditional Strength Training

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Merging Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Classic Strength Training

There has been a pattern of incorporating EMS with conventional strength training. In the electrical stimulation method, you don’t need to exercise, pick uploads, and go through the extreme course of muscle building. You simply stimulate the muscle filaments with electrical impulses. This is gaining popularity because of its target muscle activation and other benefits like quick gains and various fitness settings that can be used for the targeted physique.

This helps a great deal in muscle building, but it is recommended not to rely solely on electrical muscle stimulation as it is not a natural process. So, integrating it into your traditional strength training is a good idea.

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Exploring 20min EMS Workout

There are various confusions about how electrical muscle stimulation functions. As far as its rule, the electrical impulses are conveyed to the body through anodes in the electrical stimulation method. These electrodes are placed on the designed areas of the skin. These impulses mimic the natural neuron signals that are created that, in turn, generate muscle contraction. So that is how your muscles contract, and you don’t have to do physical exertion.

The Growing Popularity of EMS in Fitness

Electrical stimulation is gaining more popularity because in traditional muscle training, you struggle to target the muscle correctly, or you can not voluntarily activate the muscle. But EMS reaches the deep muscle fibres and can easily activate the exact muscle fibres. So, it helps in muscle growth.

EMS in Athletic Training and Rehabilitation

Back in the day, it was used in the rehabilitation process for athletes to maintain muscle mass and prevent any muscle atrophy. Athletes who could not move due to injuries would use this to maintain their physique to continue their recovery.


Electro Training as a Modern Complement to Weight Training

But nowadays, its use is more of a supplementary tool. The athletes do weight and physical training, but to speed up the process of muscle gain and target the right muscle, they use electrical muscle stimulation. It provides enhanced muscle growth and development compared to traditional training; therefore, its popularity is justified.

Maximize Gains with EMS and Weights: A Dual-Approach Training Overview

Check out our TrainWithUs crew getting real results! They’re rocking their weight sessions with a boost from EMS, and in just 20 minutes, they’re shaping up and ramping up their strength. This is how we make every minute count, hitting those muscles hard and fast for gains that don’t quit. 

The Advantage of 20 minutes EMS Workout

Talking about the benefits in detail, we have:

Enhanced Muscle Activation

Electrical muscle stimulation offers the benefits of better muscle activation than the traditional methods. If we reconsider the basic science of how muscle grows, it is by contraction of muscle fibres. So, when you can engage all the muscle fibres, you can grow your muscles more. And for that, you need to target all the fibres, including the deep muscle fibres, which are difficult to do with the traditional processes. But with the stimulation method, you can do both of these activities and thus, your gains are significantly improved. As all the muscle fibres are activated, the weight is enhanced.

Time Efficiency

The stimulation method helps in being time efficient when it comes to workouts. In this era, people are always short on time, and therefore, they are unable to get the required gains in the limited time frame. So, by the use of this electrical muscle stimulation process, they can do more efficient and targeted workouts in a much shorter time than regular strength training.

Muscle Rehabilitation

It is also used for the muscle rehabilitation process. When athletes get injured, they are unable to maintain their normal fitness regime, so what happens is that they face muscle atrophy. And with longer periods of absence from daily training, there is a higher chance of extreme muscle loss. But it can be limited; you can even maintain your muscle mass by regular EMS.

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Riaan’s Routine Reboot: From Parties to Personal Bests

“Riaan’s swapped the late nights for early morning training, finding his stride with EMS sessions that complement his weight routine. No more fast food; now it’s all about precision fitness and real results. He’s on track for his first competition, showing that change isn’t just about the body. It’s about setting new goals and smashing them.”

Athletic Performance

Electrical muscle stimulation is also used for athletic performance enhancement. The athletes seem to give a fine tuning to their muscles. All the athletes do traditional strength training, but when it comes to fine-tuning, there is nothing better than this stimulation method.

As EMS targets the right muscle and can target deep muscle fibres, you get well-tuned muscle.

Customizable Settings

EMS provides the benefits of customizable settings. In the simulation method, you have good customizable settings that allow you to adjust the simulations’ frequency or intensity.

With this setting option, it becomes a go-to tool for almost anybody. If you are a beginner and want low stimulation or intensity, you can adjust it for pros and athletes. They can customize it to their preferences. So everyone can get their desired fitness level.

For more information about benefits and potential side effects check this article:

“EMS Training Benefits and Side Effects”

Benefits of Combining EMS with Traditional Strength Training

You will get various positives from combining the muscle stimulation method with traditional strength training.

Synergistic Muscle Activation

With traditional strength training, you get gains, but these gains are limited. And to increase the gains, you have to put hard yards into your work, and then you get the desired results.

However, by incorporating the 20 min EMS in the traditional training regime, you tend to provide a synergistic effect to your muscles, which helps the growth process overall. In the muscle stimulation method, as we have already discussed, we are activating a larger percentage of muscle fibres, so this combined effect with traditional training helps in muscle growth.   

Accelerated Gains on Target Muscles

With the incorporation of the muscle stimulation method into traditional training, the achievement of the goal is accelerated, and if compared with traditional training alone, you cannot get such gains in that specific time. Your targeted muscle can be made to gain the desired size and shape more quickly than ever.

Improved Neuromuscular Coordination

One benefit of this thing is that this mixture of electrical muscle stimulation and traditional training helps improve neuromuscular coordination. And by this improvement, you get better and better in all training types, even traditional ones, where coordination between neurons and muscle is established and made stronger.

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How to Safely Combine EMS with Regular Weight Training

Here are a few tips on safely incorporating electrical muscle stimulation with weight training.

  • Firstly, consultation with professionals is key. This is not a simple thing. It is a complex process that needs appropriate guidance from health professionals or fitness professionals.
  • Including it in the warm-up routine is safe as your muscles will get warmed up, and you will perform weight training afterwards and get a synergistic effect.
  • Focusing on the gradual increase in the use of electrical muscle stimulation is compulsory. You must adapt your body to this process and then periodically increase the intensity and others.
  • In the process, you must listen to your body signals in case the body feels any kind of stress or disturbance. You must not ignore that. And also incorporate appropriate rest times.

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