EMS Training at Home in Dubai: Why It’s the Best Choice

TrainWithUs EMS Personal Trainer Andre Working Out on the balcony in Dubai Marina
TrainWithUs EMS Personal Trainer Andre training on his balcony in Dubai Marina

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Discovering EMS Training: The Perfect Solution for Busy Lives in Dubai

Living in Dubai for 7 years, I’ve seen firsthand how hectic life can get. Trying to find time to work out and stay healthy amidst life’s distractions is no small feat. But there’s a solution that technology has brought to our doorstep—EMS training, a true gem in modern times.

20-Minute Electro-Stimulation Workouts: Ideal for Dubai’s Busy Workforce

Our clients, ranging from business owners and professionals to those juggling long work hours, have found EMS training to be a game-changer. They’ve been training with us for 5, 6, and even 7 years using only EMS. Yes, you read that right! Considering an EMS workout lasts just 20 minutes, it’s a significant benefit compared to traditional workouts that can take up to an hour and a half. And with a Certified EMS personal trainer coming to your home, the convenience is unmatched. No more hours at the gym or time wasted commuting. What excuse could there possibly be?

A female client conducting a ems training session

The Most Time-Efficient Workout in the World

Think about shedding up to 800 calories within a mere 20 minutes. It might seem crazy, but it’s absolutely achievable.
However, don’t be fooled—it’s high-intensity training. Some might underestimate EMS, thinking it’s easy because it doesn’t always involve traditional weights. But lifting those arms or performing a squat during an EMS session is a real challenge.

How Do We Workout With Minimal or No Equipment?

In my 8 years as a certified EMS professional, not once have I heard a client say their session was easy. Why is that?

Let’s compare this to doing bicep curls with weights. If lifting 5kg allows for 10 reps, increasing the weight to 10kg might reduce your capacity to 6 reps. Similarly, EMS uses impulses sent by a device to stimulate muscle contraction, effectively simulating resistance and enhancing muscle engagement without traditional weights.

However, we’ve worked with some exceptionally strong individuals for whom we’ve tailored a hybrid approach, integrating traditional strength training with EMS for even more impressive outcomes. If you’re curious about how blending EMS with conventional workouts can elevate your fitness game, dive into our comprehensive guide on the synergy between EMS and traditional strength training [right here].

The Convenience of EMS Training at Home


☑️ Custom Focus:

Personalized training ensures the workout is perfectly suited to your needs.

☑️ Saves Time:

Eliminates the commute to gyms, allowing you to exercise at home.

☑️ Private Setting:

Provides a comfortable environment free from the public eye.

☑️ Workout Anytime:

Offers the flexibility to fit exercise into any schedule.

☑️ Boosts Motivation:

Personal trainers keep you encouraged and focused.

☑️ Safe Use:

Ensures correct use of the EMS machine, preventing injury.

☑️ Adapts on the Fly:

Tailors workouts to how you feel on any given day.

☑️ Keeps You on Track:

Regular sessions help maintain consistency.

☑️ Clean Environment:

Allows control over the cleanliness of your workout space.

☑️ Faster Results:

Delivers efficient workouts for quicker outcomes.


To learn about EMS Training Benefits and Potential Side Effects, check out our article [here]

TrainWithUs EMS Personal Training Client, holding I-motion EMS Training Device
TrainWithUs EMS Personal Training Client taking a picture while holding I-motion EMS Training Device

Hear from Our TrainWithUs EMS Clients

Check out what our TrainWithUs family has to say about their EMS training journey. Hear firsthand stories and see the difference it’s made for them.

What to Expect on Your First EMS Training Trial Session

Starting something new can be exciting, especially when it’s as cool as EMS training. Let me walk you through what your first day will look like, so you know exactly what to expect.

Before We Begin: The PARQ Check​

A quick form called the PARQ, or Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. We’ll fill it out together to make sure that EMS training is a safe match for you. It’s just a simple step to ensure your health and safety before we jump into the exciting part of your fitness journey.

Meet Your EMS Guide

Once that’s sorted, one of our friendly, certified EMS trainer will sit down with you to chat about:

EMS Basics: They’ll break down how EMS tech works and why it’s awesome for reaching your fitness goals.

Session Sneak-Peek: You’ll get the lowdown on what happens during training – think of it as a mini-tutorial on the moves you’ll be doing.

Getting Ready to Move

Before we jump into the workout:

Form Check: Our trainer will watch your moves, making sure you’ve got the basics down to avoid any mishaps.

The Right Pulse: As we start, the trainer will find the perfect impulse level for you. If you’re new to this or haven’t been active for a while, no worries – we’ll take it nice and easy.

Your First EMS Session:

The goal here isn’t to push you too hard. We want to see:

– How you handle the exercises.

– Check your balance and coordination.

– Understand your endurance level.


But remember, it’s all about getting a feel for EMS training without overdoing it.

After the Buzz

Post-workout, you and your trainer will have a chat about:

Your Performance: They’ll give you the scoop on where you stand fitness-wise.

Feedback Time: This is crucial. We want to hear how you felt during the session.

Next Steps

Based on everything we’ve learned, we’ll sketch out a workout plan tailored just for you, aiming squarely at your goals.

Female athlete dressed up in imotion EMS Suit performing high knee up exercise

Ready to Try?

Feeling pumped to give EMS training a shot? We’re here to make your fitness journey exciting and tailored just for you. Let’s make those fitness goals a reality, together.

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EMS Workout faq section

Get answers to your pressing questions about the power of EMS training.

Have more questions?

It’s recommended to have 1-2 sessions per week to allow your body to recover.

Stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothes. The trainer will handle everything else.

Many clients report improvement in back pain, but it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider first.


Results vary, but most clients notice improvements in strength and tone within a few weeks.


Yes, with medical clearance, EMS can be an excellent workout for older adults, offering low-impact, high-intensity exercise.

Making Fitness Fit Your Dubai Busy Schedule