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Meet Mena fitness, boxing & kickboxing certified coach. Standing in dark background with his hands crossed

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Certified Personal Trainer ISSA, Certified Personal Trainer NASM, REPS LEVEL 3 CERTIFIED PT

Mena’s been in the fitness game for over a decade, bringing the heat with his boxing and kickboxing sessions. He’s all about getting real results, whether that’s trimming down, building muscle, or stepping up your fighting skills. Clients love him for his down-to-earth coaching and knack for tailoring workouts to their needs, even when they’re dealing with injuries. If you’re after a no-nonsense approach to fitness that’s as fun as it is effective, Mena’s your man. He’s the kind of trainer who’s there for you, pushing you to your best while keeping it real.

“Every punch and workout is a step towards your personal victory...”

– Mena, your training partner in Dubai

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Dubai Personal trainer

Based In:

Dubai, UAE


Gym & home workouts


boxing & kickboxing, personal training


English, Arabic

Training for:

Male or Female

12 training sessions

AED 3600

24 training sessions

AED 7000

48 training sessions

AED 11,000


Mena’s blend of boxing and kickboxing with top-notch fitness coaching sets him apart in Dubai. His clients don’t just come to hit and lift; they come for the camaraderie and the personalized attention that turns their goals into results. Mena’s known for his easy-going nature and his knack for making complex techniques simple to learn.

If you want a trainer who’ll stand by you, push you, and celebrate every win with you, Mena’s your guy. He’s the coach who makes fitness a lifestyle, not just a routine.

areas of expertise

– Transformation Expert
– Combat Fitness Training
– Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation
– Boxing & Kickboxing Personal Training
– Functional Movement Training
– Elite Sports Performance
– Conditioning & HIIT program
– CrossFit Programs
– Professional Bodybuilding Coaching

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