Targeted Workouts for Men Over 40

Two Men Over 40 Working Out in the Gym

Reading Time 4 mins 54 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Fitness Plans for Men 40+ As men age, their physical body parameters, body strength, fitness, metabolism and body mass change. And therefore, their physical performance overall cannot be compared with a 20-year-old guy. Therefore, aged men can’t follow the fitness routine of a guy in […]

The Impact of Testosterone on Workout Regimens

Testosterone effect on workouts

Reading Time 3 mins 44 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok The impact of hormones in workout regimes can never be neglected as they play a crucial role in physical training. The hormones’s delicate balance is essential for the appropriate muscle gain. The reason is that they are directly involved in muscle growth, recovery, and overall […]

The Science Behind Effective Personal Training

Personal trainer with his client

Reading Time 4 mins 54 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok The focus on personal training is something that can really enhance overall well-being. But to truly benefit from personal training, one needs to understand the scientific knowledge behind the training. And understand how a person can use that knowledge in practical steps and then follow […]

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Fitness Journey

A man wearing blue t shirt and black shorts, experiencing ankle injury in the gym

Reading Time 4 mins 33 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Five Key Missteps to Dodge on Your Path to Fitness Success In order to get right on the track to betterment in your fitness journey, there are certain things to avoid as they could possibly become an obstacle in the progress. Here in this blog, […]

Free Weights vs Machines: A Beginner’s Guide

A beginner starting his weight lifting journey, using free weights or dumbbells

Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Hey there, gym newbie! Walking into a fitness center can feel like stepping onto another planet. Don’t sweat it; I’m here to break down the basics, so you can strut into that weight room with confidence. First up, let’s talk about the players in our gym game: Free weights vs Machines. […]

Old-School Workouts vs. New Fitness Trends: Who Wins?

Fitness enthusiast demonstrating a lunge with dumbbells, showcasing the balance between Classic Workouts and Modern Fitness trends.

Reading Time 4 mins 54 secs​ Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok The Evergreen Appeal of Classic Exercises When it comes to fitness, it often feels like there’s a new trend or “revolutionary” exercise routine hitting our social media feeds every week. But despite the waves of new-age workouts, old-school exercises remain undefeated champions in many fitness […]

The Cost of Cheap Personal Training: Injuries and Missed Goals

Injured Client after a session with cheap personal trainer

Reading Time 4 mins 24 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok The True Cost of Bargain Personal Training in Dubai As trainers with over seven years of experience in Dubai, it baffles us how the term ‘cheap’ has started to overshadow ‘quality’ when it comes to personal training. Here’s the reality: Influx of Novice Trainers: The […]

Lower Back Pain Relief and Prevention: Top 5 Essential Exercises

A man gripping his lower back, showcasing a color-gradient spine graphic that transitions from blue to red, indicating pain or discomfort in the lumbar area against a blue backdrop

Reading Time 4 mins 24 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Lower back pain can be episodic or chronic, but here is a shocking fact: approximately 80% of the population suffers from lower back pain at some point. It is also reported that around 1/4th of the adults in the US face lower back issues. So, […]

Menstrual Cycle Workouts to Match Every Phase

Menstrual Cycle Workouts to Match Every Phase

Reading Time 5 mins 34 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Ever noticed the highs and lows you go through each month? Some days, you feel like conquering the world, while the other days, just going to work is a struggle! It is all thanks to your menstrual cycle. During the entire menstrual cycle, you face […]

Sculpting the Perfect Glutes: 7 Key Exercises Explained 

Woman performing a glute exercise in a gym setting

Reading Time 5 mins 14 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok The Functional Importance of Powerful Glutes Are you tired of having flat glutes? Are you losing your confidence to wear your favorite clothes? Discover with these exercises how you can gain your confidence back and get the perfectly sculpted glutes of your dreams. Having strong […]

Sore After The Workout? 7 Less-known Recovery Tips Inside!

Sore After The Workout

Reading Time 4min 39sec Facebook Tiktok Instagram Being sore after the workout is a badge of honour, but what about the aftermath? Muscle pain, stiffness, and the reluctance to climb stairs the next day? Everyone has experienced the gratifying burn that follows a challenging workout, which is evidence of your hard work. But it’s important […]

The Fitness Dilemma: To Lift or to Run?

Fitness Dilemma Strong Guy Lifting Weights

Reading Time 4 mins 7 secs Facebook Tiktok Instagram Starting your fitness journey might seem like a difficult endeavour, as might attempting to advance your current one. You may feel as though you have been overwhelmed with information about the many things you can do. Particularly divergent viewpoints on whether you should run or lift weights […]

Strength Training For Women: Debunking Female Bulk Myths

Strength Training For Woman

Reading Time 3 mins 44 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Strength Training for Women: Beyond the Bulk Myth With the rising popularity of strength training, there’s been a noticeable surge in women incorporating weights into their home workout routines. Despite its many advantages, a common concern many women share is the fear of getting too […]

At Home Personal Training in Dubai: Key Benefits

At Home Training Side Plank Core Exercise

Reading Time 4 mins 54 secs Facebook Youtube Instagram Tiktok Expert Guidance Right at Your Doorstep: In an era where personal attention is a luxury, our in-home fitness training provides a breath of fresh air. Not only do you get a professional’s undivided attention, but their expertise ensures that your workouts are efficient, safe, and […]